I ran cross this NYT article about a group of youngsters greening their parents! This is brilliant and I commend the efforts of such ambitious young lads and lasses! It’s great to see the US moving towards an innate sustainable lifestyle. No it will not happen over night, but these are the grass-roots ideas we need to affect change.  Living in Europe opened my eyes to how wasteful we Americans are and how inherently patterned we are in consuming.  It’s just a behavior shift that first needs to be addressed by self-awareness, thinking before doing and not wasting because we can ‘afford’ to or because it’s easy.  It’s great to see that soon our patterning to waste less will become second nature.  Thank you GMP for this grass-roots effort. There are no other words that express my gratitude except… BRILLIANT!

Please check out the brilliant article written by Allison Arieff…