Margaret Stewart, User Experience Manager for You Tube, eloquently stated the future of design lies within the open-ended choice of its end users, in a design conference held at Taubman College last year. She addressed the current way of designing as a Closed Loop and described the future of design as an Open System. She further explored the Closed System by comparing it to a Rubik’s Cube: once you have it figured out, the challenge is gone and tossed in a box that is then stored in an attic or closet.  She assimilates this idea to a children’s book and ultimately to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, where the future of design must pertain to the bottom of the pyramid. As a firm believer in cross-pollination, and more importantly the social and economic diversity of design’s end-users, I believe Margaret poetically describes this collaboration as Open System Design. From creative commons to TED, the sharing of ideas fuels creativity, and not just from the ‘select’ few, but from everyone who has a voice and believes in sharing and collaborating their ideas with the masses. I can not begin to articulate as well as Margaret, the Future of Design; however, I do know this, I’m excited to be a designer today and I am optimistic of  the future of our world. Please take a moment to listen to Margaret’s outstanding speech. It is an important message, supporting the intrinsic qualities of all that is human and our incredible role as designers, both academic and innate.

Additionally, I would like to thank the dean of Taubman College, Monica Ponce de Leon for being a beacon to the design industry. And to You Tube, for providing a fantastic consortium of forward thinking designer visions, free to the public. The future of design is bright….