August 2009

It’s great to see a post disaster assessment done by an outside entity. On July 26-3oth, UN-HABITAT conducted a survey assessing the ‘alleged evictions’ in New Orleans post disaster reconstruction. According to UN-HABITAT’S news, the findings are reported to the Executive Director of UN-HABITAT which “address unlawful forced evictions and promot[e] alternative solutions. UN-HABITAT’S ultimate goal is to meet with Federal officials in DC who work with post disaster recovery.” Whether we take the advise, this is a great opportunity for a lesson’s learned with the insight from a socially responsible organization; one I think we can all learn from. I’ll make sure and post the findings once available.


Please join UN-Habitat and the Obama Administration in identifying key strategies on how we should PLAN YOUR URBAN FUTURE!

World Habitat Day will be held in Washington, DC on October 5th this year with the theme, Plan Your Urban Future. In order to prepare critical questions and dialogue regarding international cities, UN-HABITAT asks you to Plan Your City, by taking a survey. This is a FANTASTIC opportunity to voice your opinion about how your city can improve. As an advocate for Spatial Planning in the US, I am hoping my comments encourage dialogue on the improvement in how we approach planning here in the US. What are you proposing?

If you have not seen the transformation at 17th and Market, I highly recommend hopping on the K-Line to the Castro or if you’re feeling nostalgic, take the historic F-line. As someone who is fairly new to SF, I am always impressed with the high energy and grassroots initiatives throughout the city. This urban intervention was created by San Francisco’s Great Streets Program, in collaboration with Public Architecture, The Castro Community Benefits District, Flora Grub Gardens, High Caliber Growing, Pacific Fiber Tube, Inc., Great Street Projects, Orphan Andy’s Restaurant, and the Chevron Station Owner. At a cost of $20,000, the city corner has reclaimed a portion of the road, providing a stronger civic presence and a much needed edge to the somewhat cumbersome intersection. And to top it off, the design implements green materials as well as strategic furniture placement for emergency access. Just receiving a 4 month extension, the community has embraced their new Urban Plaza, with plans to ‘PARK’ it permanently on 17th + Market.